Amir Shah understands people…

Key to the finely tuned and intuitive way in which Amir chooses to work as a photographer is his ability to identify those small characteristics and facets of a personality which make us all unique. Amir’s well crafted mix of calm and understated perfectionism behind the lens puts this photographer in an enviable position, catching those elusive qualities that most will miss.


‘Immortalising’ is the term Amir has coined when asked to summarise what he likes to do. This, he explains, is his theory behind the way his images work.

“No matter how many pictures you see of the same person, object or landscape, it is only the first one that you will remember with the same vision over and over again.”

The way we attach sentiment to an image is integral to this theory, what we see that others don’t, what makes a person unique to another person, the essence that can frame a moment forever.


Amir comes highly recommended and is able to apply his unique approach to any number of special occasions that are demonstrated in his gallery on his website.

With the quick growth in interest in Amir’s work his portfolio is expanding to corporate and personal, his unique approach extends into many untested and exciting new remits. He has just acquired a huge studio space in the centre of Manchester, (details will follow), that will surely go a long way in helping put Amir’s brand on the map.

Written by Grace Ellson, January 2011